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Meet the Counselor

Billie Jo Soholt is originally from Hillsboro, ND. She attended North Dakota State College of Science and received an Associates degree in Liberal Arts, while playing volleyball for the Wildcats. Later, she went on to achieve a degree at Mayville State University in Elementary Education. Mrs. Soholt worked as a third grade classroom teacher for 6 years. She is currently pursuing a degree in school counseling at the University of North Dakota and working as the school counselor at Peter Boe Jr. Elementary. When not working on her degree or in the school, Mrs. Soholt enjoys spending time with her two very active, young boys and enjoying the sunshine at the lake as much as possible. She likes to dabble in the latest hobby she has undertaken and remains active through a variety of sports. If you would like to contact Mrs. Soholt please feel free to email her at billiejo.soholt@may-portcg.com


PBJ School Counseling Vision Statement

The students at Peter Boe Jr. Elementary are diverse learners, who are developing the skills needed to ensure they become well prepared to face the challenges and high expectations of the 21st century. All students will be engaged in curriculum and opportunities that will guide and support them in reaching their full potential, and become positive members of society.


PBJ School Counseling Mission Statement

Working in collaboration with the Mission of May-Port CG School District. The counselor at PBJ will work to ensure that all students are able to achieve through the C.L.E.A.R. mission as stated by school.

Challenge- The counselor will advocate for all students’ individual needs,  to see that our school is an environment that will challenge students to reach their maximum potential both educationally and socially.

Learn- The counselor will help to provide educational opportunities in the areas of social development, self-regulation, and interventions as determined by the ever changing needs of the 21st century learner.

Empower- The counselor will continually work to ensure that curriculum and other educationally opportunities are provided to create well-rounded students that are able to accomplish their personal goals.

Assist- The counselor will assist students’ development both academically and personal/socially.

Respect- The counselor will aid in ensuring that the environment at PBJ is one of mutual respect for all stakeholder’s in students’ educational experience.

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What do Elementary School Counselors do and why are they important?

I have included a link that explains the job of an Elementary School Counselor and why this title is needed in today’s schools.