Employment Opportunities

Full-time Kindergarten Teacher, early childhood credentials required. Apply to MPCG School, Attn: Michael Bradner, 900 Main Street West, Mayville, ND 58257; 701-788-2281 x225, Michael.bradner@may-portcg.com.

TEMPORARY CLEANING at PBJ Elementary. Contact superintendent, Michael.bradner@may-portcg.com, 701-788-2281 x225

COACHES at MPCG School: JH SOFTBALL, JH VOLLEYBALL, ASST VOLLEYBALL, JH FOOTBALL. Apply to Activities Director, Adam Sola at adam.sola@may-portcg.com or 701-788-2281

SCHOOL COUNSELOR opening at Peter Boe Jr. Elementary. Counseling credential (SC03) preferred. Send resume and counseling certification to MPCG School, Attn: Supt, Michael Bradner: 900 Main St W, Mayville, ND; 701-788-2281; x225 or Michael.bradner@may-portcg.com.

Job Application


$35/per route or $70/day

If interested, apply to 
Superintendent, Michael Bradner
MPCG School
900 Main Street West
Mayville, ND 58257
(701) 788-2281, Michael.Bradner@May-PortCG.com

Job Application