Staff Spotlight - Dean Strand

Mr. Strand is one of our High School Science Teachers.  His birthday is January 7th. He attended college at both North Dakota State University and Mayville State University.  Mr. Strand has been a part of the May-Port CG School District for 15 years. His go to comfort food is any type of soup and his favorite restaurant is Strand’s Coffee Shop in Portland (1950’s and on).  His favorite sports team is the Absaraka Crows. His favorite book is The Red Pony. Mr. Strand’s favorite color is forest green. He has a dog named Beau. In his free time he enjoys making soup. Mr. Strand enjoys the warm work in the winter the most about MPCG.  Mr. Strand will be retiring from teaching at the end of this school year! Thank you for your years of service in the Patriot family!