Sept 16 MS/HS Announcements

Daily Announcements MPCG

Date: Monday, September 16, 2019

Encouraging thought of the day: 

Listen to these words from American columnist Ann Landers-

There are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say ‘what happened’?

So take a look. Are you in the game, on the sidelines, or asleep under the bleachers?

American philosopher William James says:

I will ACT as if what I DO makes a difference

And it does!

So let’s have 100 percent participation today. Be in action!

On the Lunch Menu today: 

Chili & Crackers 


Cheese Slice 


Daily Activities:

ALL of our Patriots showed GREAT Patriot Pride this weekend!

Thank you to Mr. Marquardt and our MPCG marching band for marching in the band on Saturday morning. You all sounded AWESOME! I loved seeing all the red jackets and you all looked so great!

HS English Collaboration 3:30

JH & JV Football v Hatton-Northwood 4:30/6:00

VFB 3:40, 

JHVB 3:45@PBJ, 

CVB 6:00am, 

JV/VVB 3:40

XC 6:15am, 

Cheer 4:00@Portland

EGBB 6:00 @ PBJ

Daily Reminders:

Mrs. Johnson would like to say Happy Sweet Sixteen AND Golden Birthday to her beautiful daughter, Faith Johnson. Mom loves you and hopes you have a great day!

SENIORS: Any seniors looking for more community service hours, Dale needs help this morning moving some items. Please see him or Mrs. Blotsky with questions!

Booster club would like to thank everyone that submitted a design for the new T-shirt! We had some great submissions.  Student council selected the design by Addison, Hannah, and Marit, congratulations! It was a hard decision and a close call. Thank you again for your time and effort, we appreciate all your hard work!

One act play Auditions will be on Thursday and Friday (September 19 &20) morning in the auditorium 6:45 - 7:45. Any questions should be directed to Mrs. Agnes 701-436-6404 or

Reminder: When you are dismissed for a school activity, you MUST HURRY to get your stuff ready and get on the bus. Leave time means we are leaving the parking lot at that time! Thank you!

No students on the stage for any reason. If students need to go to the resource room they need to walk through the auditorium. Thank you!

SENIORS: The Booster Club is looking for students to help October 6th for the Turkey Dinner. Please see Mrs. Strand to sign up! 

Grades 6-7-8 will be NWEA testing this week. Please be sure to get a good night's rest and eat a good breakfast!

FFA meeting for anyone in grades 7-12 interested in learning more about FFA or joining FFA! It will be at 3:00pm on Wednesday, September 18 in the Ag Room! 

Any Juniors interested in taking the PSAT, please let Mrs. Torgeson know by Tuesday, September 17. 

Spanish Travelers- Pizza orders are due to Mrs. Germundson on Tuesday, Sept. 17th.

Reminder: If you have been assigned a detention you serve it THE SAME DAY at 3:30, if you don’t attend the 3:30 detention you serve 7:30am the following day. If you miss a detention you will automatically serve double. Please take responsibility to attend your assigned detention hours. I will be coming around this morning to visit with students who missed detention yesterday and this morning. 

Detention Room/Detention Duty: 

Mr. Connick- Middle School classroom