Oct 22 MS/HS Announcements

Daily Announcements MPCG

Date: Tuesday, October 22

Encouraging thought of the day: 

Remember to respect one another. I love that we have an awesome and boisterous student section at home games. Patriot school spirit is THE BEST! Please remember, it is a privilege to cheer your peers on. If you abuse that privilege by being unkind or inappropriate in any way to our teammates or the other team, Mrs. Blotsky will take that privilege away. 

Thank you!

On the Lunch Menu today: 

Chili Crispitos *25¢ for an extra 

Daily Activities: Awesome win to our lady Patriots last night! Great job! Also- I forgot to mention we had two Top 20 finishers at the Regional Cross Country meet this past Saturday. Shawn Klabo placed 8th and Tanner Lundwall placed 18th. Great job boys!

Middle School Collaboration 3:00pm 
National Honor Society Induction 6:30pm 
High School Fall Music Concert 7:30pm

VFB 3:40, 
JHVB 3:45 @PBJ, 
CVB 6:00am, 
JV/V VB 3:40, 
XC 3:40, 
Cheer 4:00,
EBB 5:30 @ PBJ
Play practice 6:45am

Daily Reminders:

This Thursday our Volleyball team plays Hatton/Northwood- We would like to see as many of our students out to support our girls as possible. Thursday will be PATRIOT PRIDE DAY! Come in your best Patriot Pride gear and support our lady Patriots! PARENTS AND COMMUNITY FANS TOO!!!

High School Music Concert is tonight at 7:30 in the High School Gym. Students please be in the school by 7:00 PM. Also, Students with last names A-M are asked to bring a dozen bars or cookies for after the concert. 

MPCG will have flu shots available for students and staff tomorrow, October 23rd, at 1:15pm. Consent forms will be going home with students and the forms can also be found on the MPCG school website. Flu shots cannot be given without a consent form. Contact Kari Satrom at MPCG school for more information. 

The Winter Parent & Athlete Meetings for Boys Basketball and Wrestling have been set for next Monday, the 28th, at 7pm at the High School. 

Due to schedule changes, FCCLA will have the Halloween Dance after the volleyball game this Friday night, October 25. There will be no movie. The Dance will be until midnight. No outside guests from other schools will be allowed. If you wear a costume, you cannot wear a mask when you enter the building. Snacks and drinks will be provided as well. The cost is $5.00 to enter. Grades 9-12 only. FCCLA Members need to sign up in the FACS Room to help with the Halloween Dance.

The National Honor Society Induction ceremony is scheduled for tonight, Oct 22nd at 6:30 PM in the auditorium preceding the High School Music Concert. 

There was a Robotics meeting at 8 am in the Apple Lab this morning!

CLEAR award nominations for October are due on Thursday by the end of the day to Mrs. Blotsky. Students- if you have a staff member you would like to nominate please see Jess in the front office. Thank you!

Reminder: If you have been assigned a detention you serve it THE SAME DAY at 3:30, if you don’t attend the 3:30 detention you serve 7:30am the following day. If you miss a detention you will automatically serve double. Please take responsibility to attend your assigned detention hours. I will be coming around this morning to visit with students who missed detention yesterday and this morning. 

Detention Room/Detention Duty: 

Mrs. Stacy Hanson for Mr. Hanson (gone)