A Note From Mrs. Blotsky


Your student’s safety is of the utmost importance to us at MPCG.

We have developed a “Student Safety Survey” to be taken by all students in grades 6-12. This survey is to help us understand how our students feel in our building throughout different parts of their day. This survey concentrates on relationships, academics, transportation, activities, as well as areas in the building.

This survey will be held at 10:15 on Monday, October 28. Grades 9-12 will take this survey electronically and grades 6-8 will take this survey on paper.

We are hoping to gain valuable information from this survey to better know how to plan for our student’s well-being- both physically and emotionally. Please encourage your students to answer as honestly as possible and to take this survey seriously.

Thank you for your help in keeping our kiddos safe at MPCG!

Mrs. Blotsky,

MPCG Middle/High School Principal