2019 Region III One-Act Play Schedule

2019 Region III One-Act Play Schedule
Thursday, November 7th, Larimore High School

8:30 - Park River High School, The Book of Everything by Guus Kuijer and Richard Tulloch

9:30 - MayPort CG High School, If Only by Mike Willis

10:30 - Larimore High School, Three Hundred and One by David Allan Dodson

11:30 - Minto High School, Diversions by Christopher Durang

12:30 - Central Valley High School, Amelia, Once More by David Muschell

1:30 - Lunch

2:15 - Drayton High School, Fortunes Read $1 by Kamron Klitgaard

3:15 - Hatton/Northwood High School, Cat-Man and Kid Sparrow by Stephen Frankenfield

4:15 - Thompson High School, I Don't Want to Talk About It by Bradley Hayward

5:15 - Hillsboro High School, Early Frost by Douglass Parkhirst

6:15 - Midway High School, 10 Ways to Survive the End of the World by Don Zolidis

7:30 - Awards (approximate time)