Nov 7 MS/HS Announcements

Daily Announcements MPCG

Date: Thursday, November 7

Encouraging thought of the day: 

November 13 is World Kindness Day! Stay tuned, our Student Council is cooking up something awesome for us!

We will be learning our Mission and reciting it each day once second semester comes:

At May-Port CG our Mission is C.L.E.A.R and every student can and should 

Expect to be CHALLENGED every day

Expect to LEARN every day

Expect to be EMPOWERED every day, and to be the best student you can be

Expect to receive ASSISTANCE when needed

Expect to be given RESPECT and to give RESPECT. 

On the Lunch Menu today

Chicken Burgers 50¢ for an extra

Potato Salad


Mandarin Oranges / Pears

Daily Activities:

Curriculum & Technology Committee Meeting 7:00am

JR Bank Board @ Mayville Office 7:30am


Region 3 One-Act Play @ Larimore, leave @ 7:15

EBBB vs. Thompson 4:00/5:00 @ PBJ

Veterans Day Program 2:00pm

FAFSA Parent Meeting HS Library 5:30pm

Daily Reminders:

REMINDER!  There is no school tomorrow, Friday Nov 8th, and Monday Nov 11th. Have a great, long, weekend!

School wide Literacy: Please see information from your teacher or on our website. 

Reminder it is Parent Teacher Conferences week.  Parent Teacher Conferences started Tuesday and will continue tonight from 4:00-7:00.  The conferences at the Middle School and High School are open house and not scheduled.  Teachers will be available during these hours.  Parents can pick up report cards in the office when they arrive.  Contact the office with any questions.

There is an early sign-up outside the office for Driver’s Ed this Spring. We are trying to get a rough count of the number of students interested.  If you are planning on taking Driver’s Ed this Spring, please sign-up outside of the Office.

Students driving in the school parking lot! You MUST drive carefully and SLOW DOWN! Be aware that if you are caught driving recklessly you will lose your driving privileges. 

The May-Port CG Boys BB program online store is open until November 8th, 2019. Please go to and go to the "Team Shop" tab. Please provide the following code: MAYPORTBBB to access the store. The two items we want each player to have from 7th grade through 12th is the "BSN SPORTS PHENOM LS T-SHIRT" in navy as this will be our warm-up (customization is optional) and one of the hoodies, sweatshirts or travel jackets in navy as we are requiring each player to travel in khaki pants and a navy blue sweatshirt/hoody/travel jacket - if athletes have these items from years past that still fit, the athlete can wear them again. Reminder, the store closes on November 8th, 2019. For further questions, please email Coach Edwards at

The May-Port CG Girls BB online store is also open now!   Please go to and go to the "Team Shop" tab. Please provide the following code: MAYPORTGBB to access the store. The store closes Nov 8th, 2019. 

Reminder: 3 Tardys in any one class period equals 1 absence. Please be cognisant of the 10 day a semester rule. Remember, if you go over your ten days for absenteeism a semester you will lose credit for that class. Please BE ON TIME TO SCHOOL!

Seniors- if you have started making final decisions about your future, whether that be a career path or college- we want to hear about it! Let Mrs. Blotsky know!

Reminder: If you have been assigned a detention you serve it THE SAME DAY at 3:30, if you don’t attend the 3:30 detention you serve 7:30am the following day. If you miss a detention you will automatically serve double. Please take responsibility to attend your assigned detention hours. I will be coming around this morning to visit with students who missed detention yesterday and this morning. 

Detention Room/Detention Duty: 

Mrs. Johnson