MS/HS October C.L.E.A.R. Award Winners

Congratulations to the following students for being chosen as C.L.E.A.R. Award Winners for the month of October!

Typically, we would have an assembly to celebrate our students and staff, but due to Covid restrictions we are unable to do that at this time.

Criteria for this award is as follows:
*Role model in his/her/their conduct (behavior & actions) & attitude.
*Demonstrates good character and value in a consistent manner.
*Demonstrates a high level of civic responsibility and demonstrates a commitment to making a difference and/or demonstrating qualities associated with our mission at MPCG.


Mrs. Kritzberger
Mrs. Kieffer
Mrs. Hanson
Dale Kvernen
Mrs. Connick
Mrs. Kunkel
Mr. Connick
Mrs. Kitchen
Mrs. Knudsvig
Terry Elliot
Mr. Suchor 

Students Grades 6-12:

Tristan Knudson
Jaklyn Davis
Meredith Solberg
Matthew Brinkman
Easton Hanson
Emma Lande
Gracie Bertrand
Kadence Hanson
Jaxon Freeburg
Laura Sanders
Elsie Twedt
Jack Bradner
Anna Strand
Oliver Marquardt
Zach Kville
Evelyn Koshney
Kayla Knudsvig
Alana Burwell
Noah Djibonon
Leighton Leland
Aaden Aarsvold
Kaydence Lohnes-Hahn
Paetyn Strand
Logan Krueger
Lyle Voth

Back Row: Elsie Twedt, Gracie Bertrand, Emma Lande, Noah Djibonon, Anna Strand, Oliver Marquardt, Jack Bradner, Zach Kville, and Lyle Voth.
Front Row: Meredith Solberg, Paetyn Strand, Easton Hanson, Matthew Brinkman, Kaydence Lohnes-Hahn, Alana Burwell, Jaklyn Davis, and Tristan Knudson