The Patriots May-Port CG and Finley/Sharon Prom will be held on Saturday, March 25th at the May-Port CG High School Gym! Grand March is at 7:30pm. Public admission is $5/couple or $3/person. 

Prom Safety Practices:
In an effort to make prom fun, safe, and memorable the following practices will be
enforced at the May-Port CG 2023 Junior/Senior Prom. As a reminder, prom is an option
and a privilege. The following is mandatory of all students attending prom and post-prom.

• Students will arrive after 5:00pm for photos. -No students will be allowed inside the
building until 5:00pm

• Photos will begin at 6:00pm

• Students will be breathalyzed in Mr. Kunkel’s classroom after having their photos taken.

• Students must bring their items in to change into for post-prom and place them in the
locker-room if they are choosing to change.

• Students must open their bag at the entrance of the locker room for bag checks. Female
teachers will search female bags and male teachers will search male bags. The locker room
will be locked at 7:30pm and not reopened until after the dance.

• You will not be allowed to go out to your vehicle once you have been breathalyzed and
admitted into prom.

• If a student leaves the building, they are not allowed to re-enter the building. If you leave
early your parent will be called. Prom runs 8:00pm-11:00pm.

• Upon the dance ending at 11:00pm students will be allowed to go change in the locker

• Students will not be allowed to go to their cars prior to loading the bus to post-prom.
They must go from the school to the bus.

• If you are attending post-prom, but not attending prom- you must be breathalyzed prior to
loading the bus. This will take place at 11:00pm in the HS Commons.

• Students will not be allowed to take backpacks, bags, etc. with them on the bus to post-prom.

• Students will pick up their clothing items from the school when they return from post-pProm.

• Students leave for post-prom at 11:15pm and will be departing Grand Forks at approx. 2:30am.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Administration.

Thank you,
Ms. Blotsky, Principal