CONGRATULATIONS to all of the music students who participated in the Region 3 music festival yesterday!

The following groups and students received a STAR rating and will be advancing to the State Music Festival in Minot on May 5-6:

Saxophone Duet - Elsie Twedt and Jacob McClenahen

Girl's Vocal Duet - Elsie Twedt and Alexis Berg

Saxophone Duet - Elsie Twedt and Oliver Marquardt

Boy's Vocal Ensemble - Oliver Marquardt, Matthew Rexine, John Mewes, Isaac Flexhaug, Jacob Berg, Jacob McClenahen, Joe Clagg, Jarett Kihne, and Jaxon Freeberg

Woodwind Ensemble - Emma Dockter, Kristen Weaver, and Anabelle Barker

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE Mixed Vocal Ensemble - Matthew Rexine, John Mewes, Joe Clagg, Oliver Marquardt, Jacob Berg, Isaac Flexhaug, Rikka Edwardson, Hannah Ostlie, Emma Dockter, Elsie Twedt, Emily Norstebon, and Lexi Berg

Mixed Vocal Duet - Oliver Marquardt and Elsie Twedt

Mixed Instrument Ensemble - Oliver Marquardt, Elsie Twedt, Rikka Edwardson, Parker Strand, Laura Sanders, Jarrett Kihne, Joe Clagg, and Jacob McClenahen

Mixed Vocal Duet - Jacob McClenahen, Serenity Gebhardt, Elsie Twedt, and Lexi Berg

Tenor Sax Solo - Danica Freeberg Trumpet Solo - Jaxon Freeberg

Mixed Woodwind Ensemble - Oliver Marquardt, Elsie Twedt, Parker Strand, Jacob McClenahen, Piper Lindaas, Anabelle Barker, Jacob Berg, Emily Norstebon, Emma Dockter, and Kristen Weaver

Vocal Solo - Elsie Twedt

Vocal Solo - Oliver Marquardt


Tuba Solo - Rikka Edwardson

Vocal Solo - Jacob McClenahen

Bass Clarinet Solo - Lawrence Smith