Study Hall & Patriot Pride Time Expectations

MPCG Study Hall & Patriot Pride Time Expectations

● You should have something to work on. This could be homework, books, magazines,
etc. No playing games unless all homework is in, you are not on the RCI list, and
your grades are passing.

● Students on the RCI list will not be allowed to leave class unless seeing the teacher
or teachers for which they are missing work.

● PPT/Study Hall teachers will check and sign off on Planners (mainly Middle School).

● Always make sure you are on time to class. Tardies count for study hall and PPT.

● You must have a pre-signed pass (or acknowledged Teams note), if you are going
somewhere during study hall.

● No one leaves study hall or PPT before attendance is taken.

● You will sign-out of study hall or PPT if you leave with a pass and you must sign
back in no later than two minutes before the bell.

● Classroom expectations still apply. You need to be in your seats and respectful of
school property.

● You must follow the classroom cell phone/technology policy

● Bring all materials to class that you might need to have with you.

● If you are in the auditorium you must clean up after yourself, you must sit in every
other seat. No students on the stage.

● Your goal is that your time should be used to the best of your ability. Make sure that
if you have concerns you let the teacher kn ow as soon as possible so that it can
be addressed in a timely manner.