Feb 23 MS/HS Announcements

Daily Announcements MPCG

Date: Tuesday, February 23rd

Encouraging thought of the day: 

Be gentle with someone who you feel inclined to criticize. 

Our Mission at MPCG is C.L.E.A.R!

Every student can and should 
Expect to be CHALLENGED every day
Expect to LEARN every day
Expect to be EMPOWERED every day, and to be the best student you can be
Expect to receive ASSISTANCE when needed
Expect to be given RESPECT and to give RESPECT in return. 

Lunch Menu:

Chicken Nuggets
Green Beans
Fudge Stripe Dessert

Daily Activities:

It’s Game Day!!!

Girls Hockey @ Bemidji 5:30/7:30


Cheer practice 4:00 MS Commons
Boys BB practice 4:00 @ HS 
Jr High Boys BB practice 4:00 @ PBJ
Speech practice 4:15

Daily Reminders:

Congrats on a great season Lady Patriots! It was great getting to watch you play last night! 

SENIORS: Looking for community service hours this week? (Hours are due next Monday!) Talk to Mr. Sola or Mr. Kunkel - lots of help is needed to get the weight deck ready for the new equipment.  Thank you!

The Track & Field BSN Shop is now open!  The team code is MPCGTF21 or you can click HERE. The shop closes on March 4th. 

It’s National FFA Week! Every day there will be dress-up days for BOTH middle and high school students. Prizes will be awarded each day for the best dressed middle school and high school student! You DO NOT need to be in FFA to participate!  The dress up days are as followed:

Tuesday- Flannel Day
Wednesday- FFA Day/Blue and Gold Day
Thursday- Camo Day
Friday- Boot and Hat Day

In addition to dress up days, we will be having an FFA week Assemblies this Wednesday. The staff members with the most money in their jar by Wednesday morning will Kiss a LIVE critter during the assemblies! Please bring your spare change to put in the staff members jar in the outside of the office that you want to see Kiss a Live Critter- the money that will be raised will be going to a local charity! 

We also will be having a scavenger hunt for grades 6-12. You do not need to be an FFA member to participate! There is one item hidden within the school. Each day you will be given a clue. If you find the item, please bring it to Mrs. Kieffer for a prize. The clues are: 
(Monday) I am hidden within the inside of the school. My color is National Blue. 
(Tuesday) My letters are corn gold, make sure you look high and look low. Happy Looking!

FFA Members- Please pick up your FFA hoodie tomorrow (2/24) morning in Mrs. Kritzberger’s room! 

SENIORS: Community Service Slips will be due next Monday, March 1st, by 4:00

Detention: Mrs. Gapp