Larimore 8th Grade Volleyball Jamboree

The Larimore 8th grade Volleyball Jamboree will be held at Larimore High School on Saturday, September 11, 2021, with the first match beginning at 9:00 a.m.   With only four teams in attendance, we will play all matches in the Main Gym.

TIME                   TEAMS 

9:00                      Hillsboro/Central Valley vs May-Port CG

Rd 2                      Hatton/Northwood vs Larimore                              

Rd 3                      Hillsboro/Central Valley vs Hatton/Northwood 

Rd 4                      May-Port CG vs Larimore

Admission: ADULTS   $5.00               STUDENTS   $3.00        

Format: Each match will consist of the of three sets (rally scoring).  The third set to 15.

Warm-up:  Warm up will be 5-5-3 for your first match only.  The following games will have a serving time of 3 minutes.

Scorebook: The first team will be the home team and official bookEach team will need to provide a line judge for their match.

Locker rooms: Locker rooms will be assigned.  You are responsible for your own property.

 Balls: Larimore will provide all volleyballs.  Please do not bring any.

 Concessions: A full concession stand will be available throughout the day.

 If a match finishes early, we will begin the next match right away.