2021 May-Port CG Elementary Jamboree Rules & Information

The May-Port CG 5th grade Girls Basketball Jamboree has been scheduled for Saturday September 11th, 2021 with the first games beginning at 9:00 am.  All teams will play three games. 

We will Run two gyms……..Peter Boe Jr. Elementary and MPCG High School. Please click on the link below for the full schedule.

May-Port CG 5th Grade Girls Basketball Jamboree Schedule


1. Games will consist of (4) six-minute quarters.

2. The clock will run continuously until the last 2 minutes of the game, and then will be stopped only if the game is within 10 points.

3. One time out allowed per half.

4. Man-to-man defense.  NO full court press will be allowed until the last 2 minutes of the game and only if you are behind or both teams are tied. Help defense is not a zone.

5. 1-point will be awarded for a common foul and the offense will keep the ball. 2-points will be awarded for a shooting foul and then the ball is awarded to the other team. No Free throws 

6.   Warm Ups - The first game each team plays will have 10 minutes to warm up, after those games we will start the next game 2 minutes after the previous game. Players will only have two minutes to shoot around.  

7.   There will be no overtimes. The game will end in a tie.

Admission:             Adults - $5.00, Students (K-12) - $2.00

Concessions: Concessions will be served throughout the day (limited concessions at PBJ)

Locker Rooms: All teams will be assigned a locker room.  You are responsible for your own property/valuables.

Balls:  Game balls and warm up balls will be provided by MPCG.  Basketballs are to remain in the gymnasium at all times.

Officials: Officials will be provided by MPCG

This jamboree has been scheduled to give our elementary girls a positive experience in basketball.  Let’s all do our part as coaches to ensure that this experience is a good one for our athletes.

Teams need to be ready to play at the scheduled times.  We are going to do our very best to keep these on schedule if not a little ahead of schedule.  Thank you.