Congratulations to the following middle & high school students who RECEIVED a POSITIVE OFFICE REFERRAL for the month of September. These students are demonstrating our CLEAR mission!

Criteria for this award is as follows:

*Role model in his/her/their conduct (behavior & actions) & attitude.

*Demonstrates good character and value in a consistent manner.

*Demonstrates a high level of civic responsibility and demonstrates a commitment to making a difference and/or demonstrating qualities associated with our mission at MPCG.

Justin Verwest
Alexis Morowski
Marshall Judisch
Lawrence Smith
Landon Saastad
Kaydence Thomas
Alex Aarsvold
Camden Ree
Cole Halverson
Danica Hanson
Braeden Knudsvig
Joey Carr
Walker McGillis
Brady Sand
Mrs. Johnson’s 8th graders
Mrs. Johnson’s 6th graders