PBJ Supplies


Scissors (metal blade-Fiskars are good )

1 Elmer’s School Glue

6 Glue Sticks

Kleenex (large box)

Dixie Cups – 3 or 5 oz.

Ziploc Bag with extra clothing

Crayons: 2 Boxes of 16 (no Jumbo Crayons)

6 – #2 Pencils, sharpened (no decorated pencils)

Small Plastic School Box

1 Plastic Pocket Folder


1st Grade

Scissors (metal blade)

2 Elmer’s White School Glue

Sharpened Pencils

Large Eraser

Crayons, 24 count

Kleenex (large box)

Small School Box to store supplies (no larger than

8″x 5″)

8-Color Watercolor Paint Set

Glue Sticks – Elmer’s Brand

4 Dry Erase Markers – not Crayola brand

1 inch 3-ring Binder – any color

1 Highlighter Marker

No markers or pencil sharpeners

1H Only:

2 Folders – any color

No notebooks or binders

1K Only:

1 Mail Folder – any color

2 Notebooks – any color


2nd Grade

Scissors (metal blade, Fiskars brand, child size)

Crayons (24 or 48)

2 Elmer’s School Glue

2 Large Glue Sticks

2 Kleenex (large)

3 Notebooks – Blue, Purple, Yellow

1 Small Pencil Box (plastic)

5 Folders – see other side for colors

1 more Blue Folder – Math

1 Pkg. Pencils, Sharpened (no mechanical pencils)

Large Eraser

2 Highlighter Markers

Crayola Markers (not fine line)

4 Dry Erase Markers

1 Homework Folder – any color

1 Large Container Clorox Wipes


Grades 3-5

Please bring the following color coded folders

Blue ……………. Math

Green …………. Science

Any color …… English/Language Arts

Red ……………. Social Studies

Purple …………. Reading

3rd Grade

Spiral Notebooks Only

small pencil box (lg. boxes don’t fit in desks.)

Scissors (metal blade, Fiskars brand, child size)

Kleenex (2 large boxes)

wood ruler (metric & inches) Not Plastic

eraser (large) 3P-1, 3V-2

10 pk markers (not fine line) Classic Colors

1 Plastic Homework Folder (any color)

Yellow Highlighters – 2

#2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

1 Elmer’s School Glue

No 3-Ring Binders or Trapper Keepers

3P Only:

Crayons  64 regular colors

3V Only:

2 Large Glue Sticks

Colored Pencils – 24 pk

Crayons – 24 pk

1 1-inch Binder, any color

2 Ultra-Thin Fine Point Sharpie Markers

3 Dry Erase Expo Markers

Clorox Wipes – 1 Large


4th Grade

#2 pencils – 2 pks of 20


Ruler (metric and inches)

Elmer’s school glue

Colored pencils – 24 pk

Markers – 10 pk

Crayons – 24 pk

2 black fine tip “sharpie” markers

2 black ultra thin fine point “sharpie” markers

2 Large Kleenex boxes

Highlighting markers – 2

2  1 inch 3-ring binders

5 glue sticks

3 skinny Dry Erase Expo Markers

2 Clorox Wipes (Large)

4H Only:

1 School Box – Plastic


5th Grade

Quart Size Ziploc Bags

#2 Pencils

Large Eraser

Ruler (metric & inches) Wooden only

Glue Stick

Colored Pencils, sharpened

Markers or Crayons

2 Black Ultra Fine Line Markers


Kleenex (1 box)

Filler Paper for daily assignments

Odor Free Dry Erase Markers

1 1/2 inch x 2 inch Sticky Notes (or smaller)

1 Highlighter Marker

Disinfectant Wipes

Flash Drive

Spiral Notebooks for Science, Math & Social Studies

No 3-Ring Binders or Trapper Keepers

5Be Only:

1 More Blue Notebook

5Bo Only:

2 Folders (One MUST be blue, the other can be any other color)



All students must have tennis shoes for physical education and music class. No other shoes are allowed.