Looking for the MS/HS Announcements? Their location has moved! We are now aligning announcements with PowerSchool, allowing for them to be seen in multiple ways, and with a calendar button, making all previous announcements viewable from one place.

On the website: Please see the top right corner of the website for a link to the daily announcements.

On the MPCG App: Please click on the "Menu" button in the lower left corner to access the Daily Announcements link.

On PowerSchool: You now have the option to view the announcements through your parent/guardian PowerSchool account, as well as have the announcements emailed to you daily. 

PowerSchool App: After logging in, please scroll the very bottom of the front page (called Dashboard) to see the link to the announcements, under School Bulletin. To change your Email Notification setting to have the announcements emailed to you directly, please click on "More" > "Account" > "Notifications."

PowerSchool Website:
After logging in to the PowerSchool website, please use the links on the left hand side of the page to either view the announcements  (called School Bulletin), or change your Email Notification settings to have them emailed to you directly.